Nadine is a personal trainer and group instructor known for her awesome boxing workouts and fun HIIT drills.

Nadine has always included some form of physical activity in her life. From track and field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, Muay Thai kick boxing, and yoga. She was named Varsity Athlete in 1997 and won numerous sports awards. Nadine has been a member of Hourglass Workout since 2011. She was enrolled in the Athletic Therapy Program at the University of Winnipeg, has taken the Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer course and a Certified Precision Nutrition Certification – Level 1. Her career path changed focus to finance over the last 10 years and now Nadine wishes to dedicate her passion for health and fitness into her dream job. Nadine has successfully run a bootcamp by volunteering her services for MLSE employees since 2013. Nadine believes that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not a fad and wants to encourage everyone around her to incorporate daily physical activity and holistic eating habits.

Certifications: Can Fit Pro PTS, First Aid CPR, Hourglass Workout Certification, Certified Precision Nutritionist .[ /ultimate_heading]