Lose Weight While Building Curves

Our classes are a perfect combination of traditional strength training, functional training and HIIT.

Our curve building classes will help you build beautiful curves while our HIIT and metcon classes will test your endurance and help you shed the bad weight.

Explore the RGX Lift and HIIT classes below.


Lower Body Sculpt

Our signature class – we are best know for our lower body classes! This class targets your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Typical warm up includes booty bands and ankle weights. Expect to do lunges, squats, spit squats, deadlifts, hamstring curls and other exercises targeting your posterior chain!

Upper Body Flex

This class targets upper body including back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Expect to be lifting heavy in this class! Typical drills include dumbell chest press, bent over rows, pulls ups, tricep extensions, shoulder press, battle rops, KB clean and press & more!

Glutes & Abs

One of our signature classes! This classes targets your glutes and core using a variety of exercise and techniques. Expect to use booty bands, ankle weights and light dumbbells in this class …. and also expect a nice glute BURN!

Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Welcome to our Saturday morning class! Our weekend warrior is an action packed full body workout that typically includes a cardio segment and a strength training segment. New this year will be our 90 minutes Co-ed Weekend Warrior classes. Watch our for it on the schedule and bring a man friend to join!

Full Body HIIT

This class is a calorie torcher! This class targets your whole body and works both your aerobic and anaerobic energy system- be prepared for a lot of sweat! Typical drills include Tabata’s, and explosive jumps and movements.

The Half & Half

New to RGX Fitness  – this class combines cardio with abs! Expect a full body sweat with a side of ab burn. Typical drills may includes ab tabatas, partner drills and body weight cardio.

Ruby Rasaei

Dirty 40s

One of our most challenging classes – 40 reps of a list of 10 to 15 lower body exercises. Aim to lift heavy for the entire 40 reps. This class will help you get strong and shape your lower body.

10 Rounds

10 rounds of 10 exercises – this class targets your full body using a version of the popular Tabata style. Instead of 8 rounds, expect to do 10 rounds alternating between a weighted and a cardio based exercises. Can you last the 10 rounds?