Have questions? We have answers!

Are you Hourglass Workout?

Yes – we are formally known as Hourglass Workout Brampton and Scarborough and have been operating since 2014.

What are your Covid19 Precautions?

You can read our Covid19 precautions here. Please note we continue to operate at 50% capacity (small groups, indoors).

I am an old Hourglass member - do I need a new membership?

No – if you have a current membership with time left you do not need to purchase a new membership. You can continue using your membership (until it expires)

I am new to fitness - are your classes good for beginners?

Yes! We welcome beginners. Most of our members are pretty new to fitness – our instructors will give you modifications. Please do eat something light (like a banana) and arrive on time (super important when you are new!)

I have an injury - can I still participate?

Yes! Our instructors will give you modifications for your injuries. The only thing we ask is please ask your doctor/ practitioner if you are OK to start weight training and working out.

How long are your classes?

Our classes are 60 minutes long (unless otherwise stated on the schedule)

Are men allowed to participate?

No – we are a women’s fitness studio and our classes are womens only. We do have some co-ed classes (coed classes are indicated on the schedule as COED)

What is your refund/ cancellation policy?

We offer a full refund within 10 days from date of purchase. No refunds will be honoured past that. All monthly memberships can be cancelled with 30 days of notice.

Can my membership be put on hold?

Yes – all memberships of 1 month or longer can be put on hold for 30 days. Please email us to put your membership on hold.

How do I sign into classes? Is there an app?

Please sign into and out of classes via our app Wellness Living Achieve. Download on your phone, log in and you are set to go!

How often should I attend to see results?

We encourage you to be in class 3 days a week to see results (plus follow our meal plans! Super super important)

Are meal plans included?

Yes – we will provide you with a holistic meal plan and encourage you to attend our nutrition seminars.

How do I join the 3 month GLOW UP Challenge?

As long as you have a valid membership you can join our 3 month GLOW UP Transformation challenge. Our next challenge starts January 2022.

Do I have to do burpees?

Yes. =)